If we can help you in any way in the areas listed below, please give us a call, email or message us on Telegram or WhatsApp:

★ Real Estate transactions in all kinds and sizes

★ Real Estate equipping by metal made goods and equipment suplying

★ Photovoltaic and wind energy farms, solutions and equipment

★ Machinery and equipment manufacturing, import and export for use in manufacturing, like in example metalworking CNC, lasers, but not only, services, agriculture and above all, best selection of top quality zootechnical equipment

Manufacturing equipment and parts made of stainles steel, inox, brass, cast iron, carbon steel, zinc coated, galvanized and hot-dip galvanized steel for farms, homes, hospitals, made by laser processing, metal shaping, metalforming and welding, including deep drawing and bespoken, custom made cast iron and brass parts

★ Financing with credit, leasing, private loan or other finnancial instruments

★ Crowdfounding

★ Consulting in all above with up to over 30 years of experience on the market

We recommend you the farm equipment manufactured mainly for animal husbandry, animal breeders, hospitals, house developers and fences which are redy to order from:
AGT Gras

We not only manufacturing general, regular equipment, appliances, devices and hardware but also
ordered and designed individually bespoken, custom made orders from drawings or sample.

We support with our equipment manufacturing skills almost all of best, main building developers and integrators.

Make a wish or tell us your dream and we will help you make it come true.
Let’s work together to make it a reality.

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